Discovery Golf Academy

Focusing on Golf Swings

Love to golf but want to lower your score? In this program, students learn how and why things happen in their golf swing. Instruction focuses on the correction of individual swing faults and builds swings that can be executed on the golf course. Most instruction is based around ball flight patterns and a sound consistent means to identify personal swing habits. Instruction will also concentrate on key positions of the full swing. Learn about the program's focuses and benefits.


The use of video, television, and swing monitors are visual means of communication between you and the instructor. Various swing habits, both good and bad, are captured and detailed through the use of still-framed sequence pictures and recorded full-motion golf swings. Video and monitors will be used in the classes, and personal swing keys will be noted by your golf instructor in your program notebook.


Discovery Golf Academy costs $99 per person. Graduates have the opportunity to play at a reduced rate during special times:
  • Three holes - $5 with cart
  • Nine holes - $12 with cart
You can also purchase a small bucket of range balls for $3.50.