Identified Users

User Expectations
The users of Valparaiso's Pathways and Greenways, including bicycle and pedestrian users, will vary in age, experience, and mobility, as well as confidence in traveling with or crossing vehicular, bicycle, and pedestrian traffic.

Users will wish to experience the multi-use trails and pathways, greenways in nature areas and parks, and bike lanes as part of the city streets. Trails, pathways, and sidewalks will need to accommodate walkers, bikers, runners, roller bladers, persons in wheelchairs, as well as accommodations for large groups.

Experienced Users
Experienced users will bike or walk with vehicular traffic even if designated facilities do not exist. However, average users prefer to bike or walk on less busy neighborhood streets and on designated bicycle and pedestrian facilities.

The Valparaiso Pathways and Greenways Master Plan attempts to improve the routes and connectivity for experienced users as well as create safe, convenient, and attractive facilities to attract average users. Providing accessibility for users of varying experience, mobility, and confidence requires careful attention to the visibility of users, width, surface condition of routes, and design speed of bicycle and pedestrian facilities.