Priority Strategies


The implementation of a greenway system as large and complex as the Valparaiso Pathways and Greenways cannot be accomplished immediately. The system will take years to build, giving full consideration to the way each segment is designed, surveying the miles, and securing adequate funding. As this action plan was formulated, segments of the overall system will need to be prioritized into four distinct phases.

Prioritization of Loops

Prioritization of loops or segments suggested to be of prime importance for implementation was identified based on a set of criteria suggested to seek out the best applied loop segments of the overall system. This information is based on the following criteria:
  • Community / neighborhood need requests
  • Connections of links to destination points
  • Costs and funding sources for link
  • Follows the overall alternative transportation plan
  • How link applies to standards and pending impact fee strategies
  • Link's potential for multiple users
  • Link's proximity to identified loop or existing link
  • Link's relation to other projects
  • Number of persons served by link
  • Partnerships - public and/or private
  • Property availability