Connecting People

Connecting People through Hubs & Spokes
Connections are the most tangible product of pathways and greenways plans. The physical framework of the Valparaiso Pathways and Greenways Master Plan is based on a popular concept known as hubs and spokes.

Under this concept, residential, commercial, and business landscapes (hubs) are linked to parks, preserves, and open spaces via greenway and physical corridors (spokes). For residents this means improved access to the outdoors for recreation, auto-alternative transportation, and participation in activities that can improve health, fitness, and quality of life.

Elements for Implementing Strategy Hubs and Spokes Chart The strategy for implementation will be in applying the following elements:
  1. Start with the Trails Master Plan (general routes and destinations) and the findings of the master planning study
  2. Work with all stakeholders such as citizens, government officials, businesses, etc.
  3. Recognize that walkers, runners, cyclists, families, etc., have differing needs
  4. Route around, not through private property except where that access is offered voluntarily
  5. Choose first to construct those trails that are simplest to accomplish in terms of land, funding, etc.
  6. Easy, early successes provide project momentum and the fastest benefits to citizens