Burlington Beach Road Culvert Replacement

This project will replace the culvert that carries the Flint Lake Garden Terrace Drain beneath Burlington Beach Road, just east of Silhavy Road. The existing culvert is a badly deteriorated 48-inch diameter corrugated metal pipe. Due to the condition of the culvert, truck traffic is currently prohibited from utilizing this corridor. Following the installation of the new culvert, that restriction will be removed and trucks will be allowed on this roadway.

Hydraulic modeling was performed to analyze the upstream and downstream watersheds to determine the appropriate size of the replacement culvert. The new culvert will be an 8-ft wide by 5-ft tall concrete box culvert (submerged 1-ft, so the effective height will be 4-ft). Permits for this project have been obtained through the Indiana Department of Environmental Management, Indiana Department of Natural Resources, and Army Corps of Engineers. Approval from the Porter County Drainage Board was also obtained as the Flint Lake Garden Terrace Drain is a legal drain under their jurisdiction.

The $246,600 contract was awarded to Gariup Construction Company in April 2013. Work began on May 13, 2013 and will last approximately 30 calendar days. Over the course of construction, Burlington Beach Road will be required to be closed between Silhavy Road and SR 49 for a period of 5 consecutive calendar days to replace the portion of the culvert that lies directly beneath the roadway pavement. The City’s Redevelopment Commission is funding this project, which costs.

The project was substantially completed in mid-June.

BB Culvert.jpg